Climbing the DishHigh VoltageDSC00013 - AN/TPQ-37 Firefinder radar

FAQ: Ground Radar?

FAQA plane flying with constant speed passes km / min over a ground radar station at an altitude of km and climbs at an angle step. At what rate, in km / min is the distance from the plane to the radar station increasing minutes later?

A: Im sorry? I think you missed something out numbers ...

UAE Upgrading Its Air Defenses With GM200 Radars

The Ground Master 200 radar is carried as a single integrated package on 1 6×6 truck, and all of the equipment is housed inside a 20′ ISO container. The 3D radar scan offers 70 degree elevation and can extend up to 80,000 feet, using a digital stacked beam. Rotation gives it 360 degree coverage, and engagement mode doubles its rotation speed to 40 rpm, while shrinking effective range from 250 km to 100 km.

The radar is touted as being able to handle C-RAM mortar/rocket tracking tasks, including point of launch and point of impact calculations, while also performing standard air defense functions against targets that include high-diving cruise missiles. This versatility, and the system’s mobility by truck and in C-130 aircraft, make it very useful for covering bases and forward operating areas.

German Air Force commissions first TRS Ground Master 400 radar ...

Image: The GM 400 radars will replace German Air force's existing Thomson-CSF medium power radar radars. A part of TRS's fully digital 3D air defence radar family, the GM 400 is designed to safeguard vital military assets and expeditionary forces through the detection of a wide range of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), missiles, mortars and rockets...

Damaged radar keeps secret NRO satellite on the ground

  1. ARLINGTON, Wash — More than 100 official rescuers on the scene of the deadly mudslide provide the human power behind the search, but a great deal of technology is being used to help support those efforts. Tuesday, authorities said they began pinging 
  2. United Launch Alliance will roll an Atlas V rocket back from its Cape Canaveral launch pad this morning after a damaged tracking radar prevented it from lifting off this week. The rocket's launch of a classified National Reconnaissance Office satellite
  3. PERRY — A ground-penetrating radar will be used as Perry Public Library prepares to begin work on its planned parking lot. David Bojanowski, president of the library board, updated residents on the project during Wednesday's Perry Main Street