Climbing the DishHigh VoltageDSC00013 - AN/TPQ-37 Firefinder radar

FAQ: Ground Radar?

FAQA plane flying with constant speed passes km / min over a ground radar station at an altitude of km and climbs at an angle step. At what rate, in km / min is the distance from the plane to the radar station increasing minutes later?

A: Im sorry? I think you missed something out numbers ...

We need to dig 'babies graves': Ground Penetrating Radar reveals two ...

A Galway County Council source said last night: ‘The health board had bought the site and they were going to develop it.

‘There were all sorts of plans and I am not aware of anybody telling the nuns to move their colleagues.

‘My understanding is that they did it because they were no longer going to be having anything to do
with the site and they felt they would be expected to leave it completely clear for whoever was going
to do the development work. It was no secret.’

German Air Force commissions first TRS Ground Master 400 radar ...

Image: The GM 400 radars will replace German Air force's existing Thomson-CSF medium power radar radars. A part of TRS's fully digital 3D air defence radar family, the GM 400 is designed to safeguard vital military assets and expeditionary forces through the detection of a wide range of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), missiles, mortars and rockets...

Army navigates new UAS radar system installations

  1. Currently, the Army uses visual observers, on the ground or in a chase plane, to provide the necessary "see-and-avoid" function required by federal regulation (14 CFR 91.113). The Army-developed Ground-Based Sense-and-Avoid, or GBSAA, will initially 
  2. The Ground Based Sense and Avoid radar system site at Fort Hood, Texas, is the first of five installations that will aid unmanned aerial systems in navigating occupied airspace. Credit: Viva Kelley/UASAIC () 
  3. The radar-toting vehicle will be launched next week as part of a three-year test of the system at Aberdeen Proving Ground, about 25 miles northeast of Baltimore. When fully deployed next spring, the system will feature two unmanned, helium-filled