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Large Gas Leak in West Columbus

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Outline Emerges of Last Moments Before SF Plane Crash

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Nearly a week after Asiana Flight 214 collided with a rocky seawall just short of its intended airport runway, investigators have pieced together an outline of the event - what should have been a smooth landing by seasoned pilots turning into a disaster.

With each new bit of information, the picture emerging is of

Troubleshooting Honeywell Altitude and Airspeed Indicators

Troubleshooting It is a very simple process to troubleshoot altitude and airspeed indicators if you have a spare indicator available. Honeywell BA-141 altitude indicators and SI 225/285 airspeed indicators are avionics units common to a variety of jet aircraft. Pointer jitter occurs when the indicator's pointer oscillates or vibrates and does not give a clear reading. If you do not have a spare indicator, Duncan Aviation has a loaner available. When these units are sent in to Duncan Aviation for repair , one of the most common squawks reported is pointer jitter.

Training Tip: Power check

  1. Birds are a simple indicator of a draft; they will be avoiding it. Keep up to date with poultry managment issues So air speed at the litter surface must be maintained and bird density needs to be managed carefully. “If there is a cushion of animals
  2. Your eyes are directed mostly outside, but engine gauges and, of course, the airspeed indicator, get quick checks. Meanwhile, your eyes and your ears—and perhaps other senses—combine to deliver cues about a crucial condition: Is your aircraft's
  3. G3X Touch gives pilots access to all autopilot modes from the touchscreen display, including indicated airspeed hold, yaw damper, flight director, and level modes. Touchscreen control functionality for the remote-mounted GTX 23 ES Optionally, the